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The Nutrient-Rich Way of Cooking Garlic

Raw garlic is best in many of recipes. If you are preparing a cooked dish and you cannot tolerate raw garlic, add chopped garlic towards the end of the cooking time to retain maximum flavor and nutrition. Too much heat for too long will risk damage to nutrients in garlic and will also make garlic bitter. Therefore expose garlic to heat for as little time as possible. Heat at 250°F/121°C will help lower the risk of damage to certain nutrient in the garlic.


Garlic is the oldest known medicinal plant variety or spice in existence. It belongs to the genus Allium and is native to Central Asia. World War I medical surgeons used the health benefits of garlic juice as an antiseptic for treating war wounds. It contains useful minerals such as phosphorous, calcium and iron, as well as trace minerals like iodine, sulfur, and chlorine, which are also present in the cloves.

  • https://www.facebook.com/agnikitchen/
  • https://plus.google.com/+AgniIndianKitchenBarGreensboro/posts

Health benefits of using Garlic in food:

  • If garlic is taken daily in your diet, then it eliminates digestive problems.
  • It lower cholesterol levels i.e. it effectively prevents LDL cholesterol from oxidizing.
  • It controls diabetes.
  • It is herbal ingredient for curing high blood pressure which helps to reduce hypertension.
  • It treat colds and coughs.
  • It help treat eye infections and swelling.
  • It helps control Asthma.
  • A regular intake of garlic reduces the risk of colon, stomach, and cancer.




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