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Best Indian Food Restaurant of NC. We guarantee the taste of our food & our service will become your everlasting memory, share Indian Food with your family, friends & Kids too.

Lunch & Dine with Us

Agni will change the way you dine out forever. Luxury dining with your loved ones & sip of beer makes you forget the hard labor & mental stress. Check our menu for Spice level & ingredients.


Daily Buffet

ALL YOU CAN EAT. Sometime soul needs a rejuvenation, it is better achieved by smell and Taste of Indian herbs & Spices. Enlighten all your 5 sense & fire up your metabolism with Agni Indian food.


Full Family Bar

Light taste of liquor and beer, enhances the favor of our food. Celebrate the hard work of your day with us.

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Our Exceptional Customer Service

Food tastes good when every plate contains the spices of love. Our Quality of Services and Customer is exceptional, as commented by our Happy Customers. We have been best ranked by our customers to be the ” Best Indian Food Restaurant”

Google + is evident to show love of our customers. 90% of our customers return to enjoy the ever lasting taste of Indian spices & royal delicacies. Checkout out reviews and get the Coupons from Facebook or Coupons Page & VISIT US!

Your honest reviews are important to us!



The flavor in food is best due to the use of fresh ingredients – whether it is succulent meat, fresh produce, basil that is freshly grown in your own yard, ripe tomatoes… Everlasting taste of our food in your mouth comes from our dedication to maintain the FRESHNESS as the first ingredient.


Mood Enhancer

Our food is severed for all your 5 senses. It brings your soul to eternal bliss.

We improved our interior to bring

Service & Cleanliness to its utmost Ambiance

Our Best Loved Buffet

The Agni buffet is famous for its diversity and the freshness of our food.

Daily rotating menu items “FOOD FOR EVERYONE”

We have more than 15 curry favorites with North Indian, South Indian and Indo-chinese flavors that are accompanied with fresh breads prepared right infront of your eyes. It’s a feast that satisfies every taste palate and keeps our customers coming back for more. Try it today and tell us what you think!


Acknowledgement: A South Asian Upgrade

by Carolyn de Berry (buzzfeed/Ethnosh)

This Family-owned beauty is situated out by the airport among the bevy of office parks where the owners transformed a fast food joint into one of the best Indian restaurants in the land.

Not to mention they recruited Chef Rajan who’s worked the finest kitchens around the world.
Consider yourself upgraded

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Why Agni is Best Indian Food of NC Neighborhood ?

Checkout our reviews & Visit us “highway interstate 40 , exit 210”

Our Fresh Delicious Menu

Benefits of Indian Spices & Herbs

Ginger Used for centuries in Indian and other Asian cuisines, ginger root also has a long history as a home remedy for digestive problems. A 2008 study published in the “European Journal Gastroenterology and Hepatology” found a scientific basis for ginger’s...
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How to Make Perfect Samosa ?

Samosas are these the most moreish of Indian snacks – and if not, what else would you recommend with party season fast approaching? What do you like to fill them with, and does anywhere sell a decent ready-made version? Samosas have been the victims of a...
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20% Off Saturday & Sunday, Valid until 7/31

Please print or take screenshot of the offer.   Enjoy our 20% Off Sat/Sun Offer. Thank you for giving us 4.8 stars and making us “Best Rated Indian Food of Greensboro, NC.”…
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20% Off Agni Special Hour 3:00 to 6:00 PM

20% Off Agni Special Hour Discount Visit Us or Order by Phone from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM and Get  20% Off at Agni Indian Kitchen & Bar. Take screenshot or print it! *This offer excludes beverages & it can’t be combined with other offers    ...
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Agni’s 10% OFF to Your Hotel Customers

If you own or work at Hotel, then enjoy this offer from Agni Agni is delighted to offer 10% off to your hotel customers. Simply subscribe below, you will receive and email which you can forward to your customers for discount. Enjoy Indian Delicacies at Agni...
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Spice Level: 1- No Spice, 3- Mild, 5- Very Spicy

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Thank you Agni Kitchen & Bar, "Serving Love in Every Plate"